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Continuous developments in military aircraft technology have produced a new sort of defensive weapon: Stealth.

Planes can now fly invisibly into enemy airspace, drop a payload, and fly back out without being detected, identified or attacked.
:: An F/A-22 in stealth mode or....?!

To meet this goal, an aircraft must be "stealthy" in many areas.

1. It must be very hard to detect on radar.
2. The hot emissions from the engines must be minimal.
3. It must be quiet
4. Its engines should not produce contrails or exhaust smoke in cold atmosphere
5. It should be hard to see with the human eye

Click on the buttons to the left to learn more about the different aspects of Stealth. Find out yourself how planes and especially the F/A-22 can become almost invisible for enemy radar, what does a stealthy airframe look like and what may the future have in store?

Have a good time discovering the secrets of STEALTH technology!

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