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Rick (Dallas, Texas)

on 12/10/2011 00:22

Score : 0/10

Site is set up nice but with so many links inop it should be taken down for the time being or foever if it is not going to be maintained.
小熊 (henan)

on 08/08/2011 15:28

Score : 10/10

hm (Iran)

on 01/06/2011 20:26

Score : 10/10

I love raptor. usarmy is the best in the world! and....I Sm applause Sm usflag

on 31/05/2011 02:00

Score : 4/10

Sm loser no Games Sm crying Sm thinking

on 06/04/2011 17:31

Score : 8/10

Genuinely, I'm happy to find your site. :V) :V)
blighty (australia)

on 03/03/2011 16:38

Score : 10/10

I got interested in the F 22 after seeing one at Avalon air show in melbourne on 2/03/11 .
we could never amagine getting within 10 meters of a F22 with a 4 star american general on handand plenty of security i might add ! I hope aussies buy this one when they are apporoved for sale .
mad mike (pittsburgh)

on 26/02/2011 17:18

Score : 8/10

i just love to look at fighter planes id give anything just to ride in 1 or even a simulator Sm usflag Sm usflag Sm usflag Sm usflag Sm applause Sm applause Sm applause i also have the utmost respect for the pilots and all they have to achieve just to fly
Future fighter pilot

on 19/02/2011 13:23

Score : -/10

In a couple years im gonna joun up and be a fighter pilot and fly a F-22 they are the coolest jet fighter

on 16/02/2011 21:56

Score : 10/10

Your site is perfect! Keep up the good job!
@bhi (India)

on 17/01/2011 11:34

Score : 10/10

This is probably the last fighter aircraft with a pilot, Good work Lockheed Martin, hail to all Engineers connected to projet, beware Pak -fa is very close. But overall this is the best aircraft in this world.Go U.S.A.Sm smile Sm iamnotworthy
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Messages : 1 to 10 Page : 1 Number of messages : 280


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